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Smiling FamilyAlthough this used to be a very common procedure, most patients now prefer minimally invasive local anaesthetic treatments, if appropriate.  The operation involves stripping out of the incompetent vein trunks and physical removal of the visible varicose veins through a number of small skin incisions.  Normally a general anaesthetic is required and although most operations can be done as a daycase, occasionally an overnight stay in hospital is required.  Surgery may be performed on one leg or both legs at the same time.  Following surgery, there will be discomfort and some bruising and swelling of the leg.  For most patients this restricts their daily activities so that they may not be able to return to work for 1-2 weeks after the operation and driving a car may not be safe or practical for the first 5-7 days.  You will be required to wear a bandage and full length compression stocking on your leg, day and night, for the first 5-7 days after surgery.  Thereafter it will be recommended that you continue to wear the stocking for a further 2-4 weeks in the daytime only.  There may be a number of tiny scars on the leg, but in most patients these scars fade and become almost invisible after 6-12 months.